Images entered in the Wedding category must have been taken on the day that the ceremony was performed.

All other bridal images not created on the wedding day will need to be entered in another category such as "Bride and Groom Together Non-Wedding Day" or "Bride or Groom Alone Non-Wedding Day" in the Creative division.

The Commercial/Advertising/Editorial, Scientific/Industrial and Landscape/Nature categories will be discontinued. WPPI wants to stay true to its name and be wedding, portrait and people focused. That being said, any commissioned work (including Advertising, Editorial, etc.) other than wedding and portrait photography can be entered into the "Commercial" sub category of the Creative division. Any entry into the Commercial category must be accompanied by a tear sheet or a web link to the commissioned end user application. Entries into the commercial category must be paid work.

Non-commissioned, personal work of any nature (including Landscape, Nature, etc.) that does not fit into other categories may be entered into the Illustrative category.

The subcategories of the Creative Division are:
  • Commercial
  • Fashion
  • Illustrative
  • Composite
  • Bride and Groom Together:  Non-Wedding Day
  • Bride or Groom Alone: Non-Wedding Day

*Please note that the "Non-Wedding day" categories have been placed in the Creative Division.  These categories were moved because it is deemed unfair that images submitted to the actual wedding day categories should have to compete for the Grand Award against images where more time and freedom was used.

*Please note that this is now the only division where you may use more than one image capture to create your finished print.

To prove that entries into all other categories do not have multiple images used to create the final print, raw files must be provided for first, second and third place winners.

The top 5 scoring entries in each category will be re-judged to determine the first, second and third place winner.

Please note that an entrant must have captured and created the original exposure within the last 24 months from date of entry deadline.

At least one comment per entry

During the live judging process, there will be at least one comment (no longer than 30 seconds) that will be made for every entry. This notable change to the competition will reinforce that the competition is mainly about education. The panel chairperson will choose an appropriate judge with the particular expertise to talk to the print or album and provide advice on how the entry can be improved.

The Premiere category will continue to be where most comments will be made per entry.

For a print score to be accepted in any award score range (e.g., 80 – 84; 85 – 89; 90 – 94; 95 – 99; or 100), a MAJORITY of the judges must have scored the entry in that range or higher.

MAJORITY RISE As an example, when three judges score a print at 80 and the other two judges score it at 78, the average computed score for the entry is a 79. However because a majority of judges have scored the print in the silver award range it must be awarded Silver. The entry's score is announced as "80 Majority" and the score entered to the system is an 80.

MAJORITY FALL As an example, when three judges score a print at 79 and the other two judges score it at 82, the average computed score for the entry is an 80. However because a majority of judges have scored the print below the silver award range, a Silver award cannot be granted. The score will be announced as "79 Majority" and the score entered to the system is 79.

* Subject to change

In 2014, WPPI will launch a brand new, restructured Accolades of Excellence program. This new program and the changes it brings is a direct result of WPPI listening to their members and it will undoubtedly secure WPPI as one of the industry's Premiere photography competitions and events.

The new program will be called: Honors of Excellence - Learn more

The subcategory of the album competition previously known as "Videography" is now named Filmmaking and be eligible for a Grand Award. There are 2 subcategories to this division:  "Wedding/Engagement Short Film" and "Commercial/Illustrative Short Film." Submissions must be no longer than 5 minutes.

Please note that only the camera operator may enter this category, not the director or producer unless the director or producer also operated the camera in the making of the film.

If there are not enough entries or quality entries into a category or division then WPPI reserves the right to refrain from awarding first, second, third and Grand awards.

No two entries shall be of the same subject, in the same location in the same category or resemble any other of your entries. Each entry shall be unique to your other submissions. You may enter an individual photograph in the print competition as well as include it amongst images featured in an album entry.

All processing, manipulation, printing or rendering must be done by the entrant or under their direct supervision. You may use a digital artist to retouch and print your work. In other words, you may instruct your digital artist and say something like: "Bring out more details in the shadows and highlights, increase saturation, add a soft vignette, nip tuck the bride's belly and remove the cigarette from the ground." Rather than saying: "I'll send you the file and please interpret the image the way you want. Hoping for a Gold.

Entries into the Wedding, Portrait and Photojournalism divisions must have been created from one single capture (with the exception of multiple exposures of the same subject matter to achieve HDR, for example, in the Wedding and Portrait divisions). Composite entries are only allowed in the appropriate category of the Creative division. Head, face or body part swaps, etc. from a different exposure are allowed in the Wedding and Portrait divisions, but not the Photojournalism division.

Each entry must be 100% photographic in origin and captured by the entrant. No stock images such as skies, a tree, a building, illustrations, etc, or any element not created by the entrant are allowed. Texture screens are allowed on images except in the Photojournalism division. Non-photographic filters and actions produced by third parties that enhance characteristics of an image but do not add elements to an image are permitted in all divisions except the Photojournalism division. Non-photographic graphic elements like text, patterns, frames and motifs are only allowed in Album division and all categories in the Creative division.
The rules for the album competition remain unchanged from 2013.

Please read every word in the Official Rules page for a complete understanding of the new and existing rules.

For more information please read our FAQ (frequently asked questions).
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